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What makes the Start.Home special?

The Core

The Core is a module that contains the majority of the Start.Home’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems. It serves as the central part of what makes the Start.Home work.

There are many wonderful benefits to this design. As a centralized location for all of the home’s systems, the Core will have a compact and energy efficient distribution system that facilitates control and maintenance. Additionally, with this design, the owner has greater architectural freedom with the rest of the home.


Having a standardized core can also improve efficiency in manufacturing and construction. Because all of the major MEP systems are part of a single module, a Core can be assembled by qualified professionals under a controlled environment, which will minimize risks while improving quality and performance. Once the assembly of a Core is finished, the module can be easily loaded onto a truck bed and shipped to its final destination. Upon arrival to its site, the integration between the Core and Start.Home should be a simple plug-and-play.