August 28, 2014


This week is the end of the SURI chapter, and the beginning of the year, as well as Stanford Football. The 10 weeks of SURI has been an unbelievable learning experience on and off the job. Every student faced challenges with work as well as with the dynamics of a work environment. Some students were pulled out of their comfort zone and some chose to explore that space as a chance to grow. Every SURI logged much more than the expected 40 hours in a week because of their passion, drive, and insatiable need to create. It was a pleasure to work on the SURI team and I know all of us have grown in our experiences, knowledge, and social maturity more than in any other summer. We had Product Design majors learn architecture basics, meet with structural engineers, and dive into the world of business development. We had Mechanical Engineers learn how HVAC and Solar systems work in a home, as well plumbing and grey water recovery. We had Electrical Engineers learning how to wire a home for light fixtures, outlets, and appliances. We are excited to dive back into the school year with 40 students joining the team and giving the SURIs more support.

June 15, 2014


With the school year bleeding into early June, all of our students were anxious to get out of the class, but not for the reason you’d expect: they wanted to get working! Solar Decathlon was a three-unit study option during the spring quarter, but for most of us it was not satisfying enough. Fourteen students received research grants to continue their efforts through the summer quarter and are excited to dive right in. The effort is interdisciplinary and will challenge students from different backgrounds to work together for 40 hours a week towards a common goal. We can’t wait to see what the SURIs (Stanford Undergraduate Research Interns) develop over the summer.

February 14, 2014


We have officially been accepted to the Solar Decathlon 2015! We could not be more excited, and we are off to the races. There was a lot of work done to make the application submission ready, and we couldn’t help but get a little ahead of ourselves before we heard the good news. Everyone was holding their breath through January, and now there is a large relaxed exhale, and an immediate excited breath for what we can accomplish. We will check in on our progress with this blog and hope to keep it updated quite frequently. Stay tuned Solar Fans.